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We’re outta here



This week (Jan 28th)  marks allaboutgoodmusic’s 3rd birthday so we’re celebrating with a brand new blog and a free mix

(vol. 2 of the allaboutgoodmusic Live mixtape)

Come over, make yourself at home 🙂

allaboutgoodmusic Live | Feb 24 2013


See you there!

allaboutgoodmusic soon come



Happy New Year!

(I think people are still allowed to say that ’til the end of the week, aren’t they?)

We had a brilliant 2012 so shout-out yourself if you shared in that with us.

We’ve been a bit quiet over the holidays (not getting drunk on mulled wine and being locked in food-induced comas) working on a better blog for you. We’ll be turning three in a few weeks so it’s only right that the effort is made and we scrub-up a little bit for the occassion.

Everyone needs a facelift from time to time, so you can enjoy the new collagen-pumped allaboutgoodmusic on Sunday 27th January.

Also look out for:

vol. 2 of the allaboutgoodmusic Live mixtape which you can download for £free.99

allaboutgoodmusic Live soundclash videos (that happened before Christmas)

The date for our first event of the year

In the meantime let’s stay connected: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

See you in a few.

MCR Emerging | The Du’Montts



Who are The Du’Montts?

We are a new up & coming ‘Soul/RnB’ group. Unlike any other ‘Girl Group’ at the moment in Britain we want to bring back our love for Old Soul, Funk & RnB! By working in America with American writers & musicians, it has given a fresh edge to our music unlike anything in the UK at the moment!

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Jacob Banks | Kids on the Corner (Video)



I’m excited for Jacob Banks. I’m excited for your ears and what they’re about to do when they hear Jacob Banks. The Birmingham-hailing, LDN-residing singer/songwriter is on the come-up and and when he officially arrives, he looks like he’ll be here for a while.

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MCR Emerging | SBD



Who is SBD?

“I’m SBD, an 18 year old artist from Manchester. At the age of 10 emceeing became a hobbie of mine, this later developing into a career choice. From the age of 13 to the present day, I’ve been making, living and breathing music. For 8 years I’ve crafted my art and learnt about the music industry, waiting for my chance to show what I’m about. I’m heavily influenced by my surroundings and experiences rather than other artistS, so I tend to listen to my own music the majority of the time.”

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allaboutgoodmusic Live Nov 12: the Round-up (Videos)



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