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Ed Sheeran | Interview (with Aissetou)


Ever since I saw him perform at Remedy Live last month (and bought his EP Loose Change), I haven’t stopped listening to him – on a daily basis. No exaggeration. It’s in my car and the only time I’ve taken it out was to play Distant Relatives to hype myself for the concert last week! I’ve been trying not rinse it as I don’t wanna get bored.. but so far it hasn’t happened.

I can’t quite put my finger on what it is about Ed Sheeran, but I think it’s the energy in the music that draws you in. His unique mix of Acoustic, Hip-Hop, Soul is a natural blend and makes for honest, heartfelt music with lots of clever wordplay thrown in for good measure. Check out the interview for  a little bit more about Ed the artist, others he has worked, the impact of being on SBTV,  as well as the performance of  a new track You and I.

Aissetou hosted Remedy Live last month, and did a really great job of keeping the continuity going and the audience engaged, so it’s nice to see her once again in a role she clearly flourishes in.

Support good music, get involved and go buy the Loose Change EP!


Shouts to Music Is Remedy!


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