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MCR Emerging | SBD



Who is SBD?

“I’m SBD, an 18 year old artist from Manchester. At the age of 10 emceeing became a hobbie of mine, this later developing into a career choice. From the age of 13 to the present day, I’ve been making, living and breathing music. For 8 years I’ve crafted my art and learnt about the music industry, waiting for my chance to show what I’m about. I’m heavily influenced by my surroundings and experiences rather than other artistS, so I tend to listen to my own music the majority of the time.”

Sum up your sound in 3 words

Poetic, powerful and pure

What are your main influences?

My experiences and my environment.

Man United or Man City?

Man City!

What do you love and hate most about the city?

I’m unsure tbh

What’s your definition of good music?

Good music is music that people can feel, whether it’s through the sound of the music or through the content

Peace FM or Unity Radio?

1Xtra lol

Which Manchester act are you feeling the most at the moment?

I’d struggle to choose one, but I rate Wrigz, I rate Blizzard and also Geko

Which is your favourite club in Manchester?

Don’t really have a favourite but my least favourite is Suede

X Factor or The Voice?

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be, and why?

Rick Ross, to prove he isn’t good lol

iPhone or Blackberry?


2Pac or Biggie?


Tell us a secret about yourself

It wouldn’t be a secret if I told you lol

One thing you would like to do before you die?

Travel the WHOLE world

In the next five years what you would like to achieve?

So much that there’s not much point saying, time will tell though…

What is SBD upto at the moment?

I’m releasing a mixtape called TheSClass on the 31st December. I’ve recently been working hard alongside Dot Rotten, Ali Karim Burgaboy, Wrigz, Geko and many more, to create a collective of music that shows what I’m all about. Just before my mixtape drops I’m releasing a visual for Music Is, a song that will be on both my mixtape and my AAGM set!

Where does SBD live?

On cloud 9

@OfficialSBD | SoundCloud | YouTube

You can catch SBD at allaboutgoodmusic Live on Sunday 16th Dec 2012!


MCR Emerging is a feature exclusive to, spotlighting the best upcoming musical talent from Manchester.

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