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Happy New Year!

(I think people are still allowed to say that ’til the end of the week, aren’t they?)

We had a brilliant 2012 so shout-out yourself if you shared in that with us.

We’ve been a bit quiet over the holidays (not getting drunk on mulled wine and being locked in food-induced comas) working on a better blog for you. We’ll be turning three in a few weeks so it’s only right that the effort is made and we scrub-up a little bit for the occassion.

Everyone needs a facelift from time to time, so you can enjoy the new collagen-pumped allaboutgoodmusic on Sunday 27th January.

Also look out for:

vol. 2 of the allaboutgoodmusic Live mixtape which you can download for £free.99

allaboutgoodmusic Live soundclash videos (that happened before Christmas)

The date for our first event of the year

In the meantime let’s stay connected: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

See you in a few.

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