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ALOHA! Welcome to allaboutgoodmusic dot co dot uk!

If you thought this was just another blog bringing you more of the same from the likes of the Ringtone Rappers, DJ Bootleg -Beats, or The Auto-tuners  – then you’re in for a treat!!  (By the way we’re not Anti– Auto-tune cos that would mean being Anti- ‘Computer Love’, and that just ain’t right!).

It's all in the name really. is exactly that – all about Good Music! It is centred around exposing, sharing, supporting and enjoying, all that is good music. From major, to indie label, to unsigned artists we bring you the finest from the musical elite – underground and mainstream alike, with a strong focus on exposing the work of those artists who are damn good at what they do, but are not necessarily getting the recognition they deserve.

Through reviews (of previously and recently released music), videos, free downloads and much more, we  bring you the very best from those who create the very best music!

allaboutgoodmusic aims to provide a space where creators (artists) and appreciators (fans) of good music can connect.


Simply put…

Good Music:

  • is timelesswhich means it’s on this blog cos it still sounds as good as it did when it was first released (whatever year that happens to be!).
  • can’t be confined to any one genrewhich means we’re less interested in fitting it into a category (e.g Soul, Hip Hop etc) and  more interested in what it sounds like!
  • evokes emotionno explanation necessary!

Nuff said.

[Free Downloads]

The music on this blog is  1) for promotional purposes and  2) for pure listening pleasure 🙂

If you appreciate the work of, and want to support an artist, then  BUY – DON’T BOOTLEG their music!!  Everybody’s gotta eat,  a lie?!


For questions, suggestions and all other good things of that nature, email us at:

We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Joining the teammore info.

allaboutgoodmusic Artwork: Creatively designed and brought to life by Mustafa Kurtay


Thanks for visiting the blog and ENJOY!

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    how do i go about getting a feature on ur site?

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